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Dr. Baker’s assistants ensure she remains champ

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With Kenny Omega & Bryan Danielson opening the show in Queens’ Arthur Ashe Stadium on Sept. 22, AEW put the Women’s World championship in the main event spot of the “Grand Slam” edition of Dynamite.

Ruby Soho earned her title shot in her first appearance for the company at All Out, and looked ready to ride that momentum to a big win over the champ, Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. Soho left herself open to a big move when she took out Baker’s sidekicks Rebel & Jaime Hayter, though. And the Doctor took advantage.

The Runaway wasn’t done, of course. Both wrestlers traded big moves from the top (Soho with a senton, Baker with an Air Raid Crash), but none of that was enough to finish the other off.

In the end, it was the numbers game that ensured Baker kept her belt. While referee Aubrey Edwards was dealing with Rebel’s thwarted attempt to get in the ring, Hayter snapped Ruby’s head off the top rope - right into a Lockjaw from everyone’s favorite wrestling dentist.

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