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New York approves as Black again beats Rhodes

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Last time Cody Rhodes and Malakai Black shared a ring, Rhodes was beaten so badly he ended up teasing retirement.

For the rematch on the Sept. 22 “Grand Slam” edition of Dynamite, Cody brought one member of his Nightmare Family who also fell victim to Black’s kicks. He also brought his wife Brandi, making her first appearance since giving birth to their daughter, Liberty.

None of that put the New York City crowd in the American Nightmare’s corner. The roughly 20,000 fans in Arthur Ashe Stadium cheered everything Malakai did, whether it was kick Cody to the ramp, or laugh off Brandi flipping him off.

It looked like Black had it won after he kicked Rhodes to the floor, but he was unable to get Cody’s limp body back in the ring for a cover.

The EVP fought back, and got a nearfall with Cross Rhodes. But a chaotic sequence where Arn Anderson twice (once legit, once a planned bump) fell off the apron and chewed out Cody for checking on him, followed by the American Nightmare accidentally striking referee Paul Turner before Malakai spit mist on Rhodes and rolled him up for the win.

Not the end, but definitely the right call. Queens might have rioted if Cody won.

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