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Tommy Dreamer’s title dreams end, Chris Sabin’s begin for Impact Victory Road

Tommy Dreamer and Chris Sabin both have desires for Impact gold. Dreamer had a chance to earn his way into a world title match for Victory Road, while Sabin is focused on proving he is the greatest X-Division champion in the history of the company.

Dreamer competed in the main event for Impact Wrestling tonight (Sep. 2, 2021) after Ace Austin ran his mouth last week. Austin already earned his spot to wrestle Christian Cage for the Impact World Championship, but Scott D’Amore wanted to make this match interesting by adding the stipulation that Dreamer would be included for a three-way if he could defeat Ace.

Dreamer was ready for the opportunity. He even asked Christian to stay behind, so he could win without excuses.

That request backfired when Madman Fulton cost Dreamer a chance at victory. Dreamer had Ace down on a cutter, but Fulton moved Ace’s foot under the ropes to break the three count. With the threat of physical violence from Fulton, Dreamer took care of the situation with a DDT onto the floor. As Dreamer stepped back into the ring, Ace pounced for The Fold neckbreaker finisher to win.

Dreamer’s dream of winning the Impact World Championship will have to wait for another day.

Over in the X-Division, Josh Alexander is trying to establish himself as the face of the company. He’s done so by putting on excellent matches as a fighting champion. Alexander wanted to test his skills once again, so he offered an open challenge to any former X-Division champ.

Jake Crist answered the call in a surprise return.

Crist fought hard, but Alexander handled his business to emerge victorious via Divine Intervention finisher. Alexander was looking for his next challenger to become the greatest X-Division champ when Sabin answered the call.

Sabin took exception to the idea of Alexander considering himself one of the best. Sabin is an 8-time X-Division titleholder. He threw his hat in the ring in order to prove his greatness. Alexander accepted the duel for Victory Road.

Sabin has held the X-Division the most times in Impact history as well as owning the record for most cumulative days (432) as champ. In the discussion of greatness, being an 8-time champ also means Sabin lost the belt 6 times. Sabin vacated twice, once to injury and once for cashing in Option C for a world title shot. Out of all of Sabin’s reigns, only one has eclipsed Alexander’s current 131 day stretch. Sabin’s top run was 154 days. Austin Aries has the longest overall at 301 days. Bottom line is that Alexander versus Sabin is going to be great.

The Victory Road card for September 18 includes:

  • Impact World Championship: Christian Cage (c) vs. Ace Austin
  • X-Division Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Chris Sabin

Would you like to see Tommy Dreamer eventually win the Impact World Championship one day? Who do you think is the greatest X-Division champ? Are you pulling for Josh Alexander or Chris Sabin to win?

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