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Matt Hardy tried to shave a fan’s head

If you’ve been following AEW programming lately, you know that Matt Hardy is hellbent on shaving Orange Cassidy’s head.

Hardy’s recent frustrations were only exacerbated on tonight’s (Sept. 17) episode of Rampage, because his Hardy Family Office members lost multiple matches earlier on the card.

Matt crashed the ring and was venting his spleen when he noticed a (planted) fan in the front row dressed as Orange Cassidy. Hardy approached the fan, who offered Matt a very lazy thumbs up.

That’s all it took to set Hardy off. He attacked the fan and dragged him into the ring. Jack Evans then assisted Hardy in shaving the fan’s hair off. Orange Cassidy calmly walked out for the save before the heels could finish the job.

It seems clear we’re headed for a match where Orange Cassidy or Matt Hardy’s hair will be cut off. What are your thoughts on the way their story is playing out so far?

Follow along with the results for Rampage here.

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