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Tony Khan says women’s division is ‘a real strength of AEW’

All Elite Wrestling

While the volume of criticism seems to be lower amidst the excitement of the last month for the promotion, AEW’s booking of their women remains an issue for many fans.

President and head of creative Tony Khan is unsurprisingly bullish on the division and his plans for it, though. Here’s what he told Busted Open:

“That was one of the statements I really wanted to make at All Out. We made a ton of statements at All Out, it was our most successful pay-per-view and really, one of the great pay-per-view success stories of the last 20 years. I really believe the [women’s] division has gotten so strong and it’s gotten to be a real strength of AEW. We have a great Women’s World champion, Dr. Britt Baker, and we have some great contenders coming up, and I have some real plans for the women’s division I’m very excited about and really, nobody knows about what this stuff is because I’ve got some really great matches up my sleeve and some exciting plans. But what’s happening right now is tremendous.”

That answer was prompted by Dave LaGreca praising Ruby Soho, and Khan goes on to hype up next week’s title match between Baker & Soho.

Ruby is undoubtedly a big signing for AEW. She arrives as the new Friday night show Rampage is giving the company an opportunity to make sure the women get more television time. In the build up to and fallout from All Out, issues developed between multiple members of the women’s roster, and the more stories exist, the more changes there are for viewers to get to know characters, and become more invested in their matches. All of which should lead to more TV time.

Is it enough? It sounds like TK is thinking more about the division (after we mostly heard it was Kenny Omega’s responsibility in the first year+ of the company’s history), which is another good sign, IMHO.

What about it yours, Cagesiders?

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