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AEW was cool with Sting taking a spike piledriver at 62 years old

Sting was powerbombed by Brian Cage back in February on Dynamite. Considering Sting’s age and spinal stenosis, it was shocking to see him take that kind of bump in a live wrestling ring. AEW commentator Tony Schiavone later suggested that Sting took the move because it was good for business. AEW President Tony Khan reassured fans that Sting was fully cleared to take powerbombs.

It would seem that Sting is also cleared to take spike piledrivers, because that’s what happened to the 62 year old legend on last night’s Dynamite. Here’s footage of the Stinger getting planted on his head at the hands of FTR and Tully Blanchard:

A risky move like this would never be executed unless Sting was on board with the idea, so there are some fans who have no problem at all with seeing the Stinger suffer some kayfabe neck compression. On the other hand, there are some fans who will feel completely turned off when someone with Sting’s injury history and age is put in this position where the chance for legitimate paralysis appears to be inflated.

My quick take is that tempting fate with Sting’s health via spike piledrivers is a bad idea, but I was also quite entertained by what I watched. Being a pro wrestling fan can be complicated sometimes, okay?

Is Sting taking spike piledrivers and powerbombs at 62 years old good for AEW’s business?

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