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AEW Dynamite recap & reactions (Sep. 15, 2021): Dream match booked

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AEW Dynamite (Sep. 15, 2021) emanated from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. The show featured Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega agreeing to a dream match, Minoru Suzuki returning to get hands on Jon Moxley, and Cody Rhodes back on TV.

Get caught up on all the Dynamite details with the excellent play-by-play from Claire Elizabeth.

Dream match made

Light your pants on fire, because the countdown is on toward Kenny Omega versus Bryan Danielson. That contest was made official for next week’s Grand Slam special Dynamite from New York City.

Danielson wanted to address Omega face to face in the center of the ring, but he had to wear down the Invisible Hand first. Danielson ignored Callis’ taunts and focused on his target of securing the match. Danielson came to AEW to wrestle the Best Bout Machine, but he’s only seen a man hanging out with goofy stooges. Rumors say Omega has lost a step in the ring, however, Danielson questioned if it was a case of missing testicular fortitude. The American Dragon pressed for a yes or no answer for the dream match. Omega surprisingly accepted with little reservation.

That was it. AEW wasted no time giving the fans the dream match they have been clamoring for, and it goes down next week. How amazing is that? It’s wild to think a match nobody thought would be possible not too long ago is now in our grasp.

Danielson got around the messy title implications by saying he just wanted to know who was better. That must have been the carrot enticing Omega to respond favorably. If it gets too hot in the kitchen, there are ways out without dropping the title belt. That creates for an intriguing end result. Is AEW really going to have Omega lose twice so close together? Would they actually have Danielson lose his debut? The safe finish would be schmoz interference for a no contest, but AEW generally does not play if safe.

Kaze Ni Nare

The main event of Dynamite saw Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston team up against 2point0, but that wasn’t the real story. Minoru Suzuki confronted Moxley to close the show.

Mox and King took care of business in the ring outlasting the numbers game with Daniel Garcia ringside. Kingston got the shine with a spinning backfist and DDT to set up a teamwork lariat suplex for the win. Yip, yip, happy day for all to celebrate with the fans.

That’s when Suzuki’s music hit. The beef was explained earlier in the broadcast as Suzuki taking exception to Moxley’s home cooking in Cincinnati. They even screwed him on his entrance robbing the crowd the moment to chant, “Kaze Ni Nare.” With former student Lance Archer by his side, Suzuki challenged Moxley and Kingston to a tag match at Grand Slam next week in NYC.

This time, Suzuki’s entrance was long enough for Kaze Ni Nare. Pandemonium broke loose in the aftermath. Archer dragged Kingston out of the ring to brawl on the side. The spotlight focused on Suzuki and Moxley roughhousing. It looked like Mox was going through a table on a piledriver, but he grabbed a microphone to smash Suzuki’s damaged eye. The brawling continued as the show went off air.

Whenever Moxley and Suzuki share punches, it is a glorious time. Inserting Kingston and Archer is a smart way to extend the feud. While that tag bout should be physical, the real demand is one more round between Mox and Suzuki.

Conspiracy theory alert. I’ve been wondering if last week’s production error for Kaze Ni Nare wasn’t done on purpose. It would be pretty cool if it came out as Tony Khan’s master bookerman plan to stiff Suzuki’s entrance knowing it would build emotion for the NYC crowd to sing it full force. It also clued in those who didn’t know about the chorus. It would be an amazing thing if Khan actually played puppet master to create this desired reaction.

Let’s jam through the rest of Dynamite.

Adam Cole defeated Frankie Kazarian. Cole turned the tide with a Panama Sunrise flipping piledriver. He followed with a running knee to the back of Kaz’s head for the win.

Hot opener to pump up the crowd. Kaz never has a bad match. Add in Cole as a quality professional, and the recipe was made for a jamming TV contest.

Afterward, Cole proposed a trios match with the Bucks against Christian Cage, Luchasaurus, and Jungle Boy, since those are three men that have gotten under his skin in the short period time he’s been in AEW.

Later, the good guys accepted for next week’s Rampage. Jungle Boy actually took charge of the promo and did well by dissing Cole about having better friends and better hair. I have a feeling the second point would be more offensive to Cole. Christian cut off JB to close out the disses. Cole must have pretty good friends to use an EVP lifeline dragging his sorry ass out of NXT.

Blister on the ass of life. That was Jim Ross’ line to describe MJF. MidJF came out to insult the New Jersey crowd. He was so effective that chants erupted of, “Shut the fuck up.” It eventually led to Brian Pillman Jr. playing hero to hype their singles match next week. Even though Pillman brought a chair, no wrestlers were harmed during the filming of that segment.

MJF’s mockery of the crowd always amuses me. I’ve enjoyed that sort of chicanery since I first heard Rick Rude chastise the local sweathogs. MJF has a much more brash style, but it was entertaining nonetheless. It also sets up great pops for a babyface to shut him up.

That was followed up with a pre-taped interview between Ross and Pillman. They brought up the notion that Pillman needs to redeem himself after allowing MJF to get away with his insults for the hometown Cincinnati fans last week.

Pillman had a good line about his feral upbringing being a contrast to MJF’s silver spoon. The groundwork has been laid well for this mini feud to create a rooting interest for young Pillman.

FTR defeated Matt Sydal & Dante Martin. Hot tag to Martin leading to wild pinfalls. FTR persevered to control the action with a Big Rig flapjack facebreaker to win.

I’m giving this one match of the night honors. It was a very engaging stylistic clash of fists versus flips. It pretty much lived up to FTR’s talking points. Martin was outstanding. If he actually had his Top Flight brother instead of a random pairing with Sydal, I would have believed an upset was in the making.

Cody Rhodes returned! Malakai Black spied an enemy in the midst and singled out Rosario Dawson wearing a Nightmare Family sweatshirt. Dawson is a judge with Cody on Go-Big Show. Cameras showed Cody running down the aisle through the fans. Dawson jumped on Black’s back, and the brawl was on. Malakai and Cody kept fighting up the stairs into the commercial break. It looked like Black squeezed in a low punch to the crotch near the end. He must want to make sure the member in the House of Cody does not rise.

Since Cody was already announced for NYC, there was no need to hear any speeches about his pending retirement. AEW did a good job to skip the talk and get right to the fisticuffs to heat up the hatred to boiling levels. It did the trick for me to get pumped.

Lambert’s call answered. Dan Lambert once again flapped his gums trolling AEW and the fans. He challenged anyone to step up against his real men, and a surprising legend answered le call. Chris Jericho hit the stage with Jake Hager by his side. The tag match against Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page was made for next week in NYC.

What a great surprise. Jericho never crossed my mind. He justified it by mentioning past skirmishes backstage with Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg. That works for me. Hager was a good addition for legitimacy about the MMA talking points. It would be a great piece of carny business if this feud with Lambert was used to set up an actual MMA fight for Hager against Andrei Arlovski or Junior dos Santos in Bellator. I think Hager would be in too far over his head, but I sure as heck would watch to find out.

Jade Cargill defeated Leyla Hirsch. Very exciting match of tall powerhouse versus short powerhouse. Hirsch was clearly the better technician, however, the size difference was too much in favor of Cargill. After Hirsch missed a moonsault, Cargill rallied with a pump kick and Glam Slam to win.

I really enjoyed this one. Hirsch played her underdog role well with suicide dives, German suplexes, and submissions. Cargill played her power role well by powerbombing out of an armbar, bucking off a chokehold, and exploding for the finish. Hirsch’s reaction to the stalling Glam Slam was great. She muttered to herself knowing doom awaited.

CM Punked. Team Taz lured Punk into the losing end of a physical altercation. Punk had been on commentary until that point, which was an excellent way to get mileage out of him without creating fatigue.

Taz took to the stage to accuse Punk of trying to steal his job. Hook baited Punk away from commentary, so Will Hobbs could attack from the back. Punk fought from his knees, but Hook hooked a dragon sleeper. Hobbs closed it out by chokeslamming Punk onto the commentary table.

Simple and effective way to showcase Hobbs as a brute. It had been solely a war of words to that point. Now, Punk has ammunition to light a fire in his belly for the fight in NYC.

Darby Allin defeated Shawn Spears. Spears mocked Sting by applying the Scorpion Deathlock to Allin. Once Allin got free, he turned up the heat. An over-the-top stunner made Spears loopy on the apron. Allin shot for a suicide shoulder block knocking Spears onto the ring steps. A Coffin Drop ended the Chairman’s effort in defeat.

The added element of Spear’s ruthlessness elevated the match, especially when it all backfired on him. Allin wrestled as he normally does with reckless abandon. The extra servings of mind games and strategy made for a well-rounded story in the ring.

Afterward, FTR rushed in to hit a spike piledriver on Sting. Tully Blanchard had the last laugh on this evening. Sting and Allin will have their chance for revenge against FTR in NYC.

Notes: Blade & Butcher made use of their #1 ranking pretty quickly to parlay into a tag title shot against the Lucha Bros on Friday night Rampage.

Fuego del Sol wanted another shot at Miro and the TNT Championship, so he offered to put his new car on the line as a bet. Later, Miro angrily accepted for Rampage. The Redeemer was annoyed at the audacity shown by Fuego.

Anna Jay versus Bunny was hyped for Rampage. Alex Reynolds returned, and the Dark Order bickered. Jay exasperatedly told them to get on the same page, otherwise, don’t bother supporting her ringside against Bunny.

Gunn Club explained their treachery to Paul Wight. AEW talks about wins and losses mattering, and yet the Gunn Clubs receives no respect for their undefeated record in tag team and trios action. Even though it wasn’t clear if the chairshot to Wight was personal or just a way to grab attention, I’m sure Wight will make it personal.

Andrade explained his dismissal of Chavo Guerrero. If you lie to El Idolo, it is because you don’t respect him. That’s why Chavo was sent packing. Kingpin Andrade never gave the order to interrupt his match. He can beat PAC, or anyone else, anytime he wants.

Matt Hardy’s nose was broken by Orange Cassidy, so payback is in order. Hardy plans to take away everything cool about OC. It starts with his hair. That’s a good justification for this feud in the convoluted logic of Hardy’s brain.

Stud of the Show: Cash Wheeler

Shout out to Wheeler for returning to form. He looked sharp tonight. I’m still not sure how serious his arm injury was in real life. I wouldn’t put it past them to exaggerate that issue for story purposes. Whatever the case, I’m glad he’s back in the ring.

Dud of the Show: Kaz’s submission

Frankie Kazarian used a cool strait jacket submission, but there was a flaw in the engineering. Adam Cole’s foot was left free to repeatedly bash Kaz in the face. Since both of Kaz’s hands were in use, he could not protect himself. Back to the drawing board on that one.

Grade: A-

What began as a run of the mill solid episode quickly turned into a fiery go-home for Grand Slam. The go-home crept up out of nowhere to provide surprises and story beats building hot anticipation for next week. I’m excited for the super show in NYC.

Share your thoughts about Dynamite. How do you rate it? Who stole the show?