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Christian’s promo on Adam Cole was AEW’s victory lap for winning Wednesday Night War

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The conversation’s moved on from “how much will Dynamite beat NXT by?” to “will Dynamite get a better rating than Raw?” But that doesn’t mean AEW won’t get a few licks in after signing a top star from its old rival, just as said rival undergoes a makeover.

Former WWE World Heavyweight & current Impact World champ Christian Cage did the honors on the Sept. 15 Dynamite. He was responding to a challenge from NXT Grand Slam champion Adam Cole, and Cole & his Elite buds were definitely the main target of his interview with Jurassic Express. The formerly black-and-gold brand took a few shots too, though.

“Adam does have pretty good friends, you know what I mean? Yeah, the Super Elite, they use their EVP status to throw him a lifelong and drag his sorry ass out of developmental. Here’s the thing Adam. We accept your challenge. And you know what? Since you’re already used to losing Wednesday Night Wars, you better add Friday night to that list as well.”

Jungle Boy (who may have gotten in the most devastating blow when he said he has better hair than Cole), closed things out by getting the focus back on the Super Kliq vs. Cage & Jurassic Express match next Fri., Aug. 24 in New York. But everyone knew what would get the most play coming out of this segment.

While you’re thinking about what you think about that, here are the highlights from last night’s show. As is AEW’s model these days, YouTube videos are being doled out slowly. But we’ve compiled what they’ve released as of this morning in this playlist, and tried to catch you up with the rest of the episode via Twitter clips below that.

  • Adam Cole Makes his AEW In Ring Debut & the Super Kliq is Back, Bay-Bay
  • Let’s Give the People What they Want: Kenny Omega vs Bryan Danielson in NY

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