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Team Taz takes out CM Punk

CM Punk handled commentary duties on the Sept. 15 Dynamite... for the first hour and 15 minutes, anyway. At least he had time to dive into the Newark, New Jersey crowd, and address the Suzuki Incident.

Eventually though, Taz showed up to confront the Best in the World. Punk greeted him with a great “I didn’t know they let trolls across the bridge” line, but it was Taz who had a plan. The Human Suplex Machine’s already legendary son Hook emerged to get in Punk’s face, then Powerhouse Hobbs attacked from behind. Before the segment was over, Hobbs had powerbombed the Chicagoan onto to the very solid AEW announce table.

No matches have been announced out of this yet, but Punk vs. Hobbs seems like a certainty at this point. Will it happen next week while AEW is in New York City?

I’m not sure even that venue is big enough for the titantic clash that is Punk vs. Hook, though.

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UPDATE: Powerhouse Hobbs vs. CM Punk is booked for next Friday’s Rampage in Queens.

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