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The Suzuki Incident is far from over

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During the course of the Sept. 15 episode of Dynamite, AEW owned and expanded on their decision to not air Minoru Suzuki’s full entrance on last Wednesday’s show from Cincinnati.

CM Punk explained to American audiences unfamiliar with the Japanese scene why it was disrespectful. Suzuki and his once-and-again tag partner Lance Archer broadened their accusations, claiming Jon Moxley booked his latest match with the legend for Mox’s hometown to stack the deck. They even intimated that the referee was in on a plot to screw Suzuki.

This was all set-up for a tag match between Moxley & Eddie Kingston and Archer & Suzuki, of course. That was furthered by a show-closing brawl after Mox & Eddie beat 2point0 in this week’s main event from Newark. But before that happened, Tony Khan & team made sure everyone got the full Kaze Ni Nare experience.

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