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Rosario Dawson hops the barricade to kick off a Cody Rhodes/Malakai Black brawl

Actress, pop culture icon & Senator Cory Booker’s girlfriend Rosario Dawson getting physical on Dynamite in Newark?

Sure, why not.

The Death Proof, Sin City, View Askewniverse & Star Wars Universe star - who also happens to be one of Cody Rhodes fellow judges on TBS’ Go Big Show - was singled out by Malakai Black in a promo on Sept. 15. Dawson didn’t back down, and in fact jumped the barricade to look Black in the eye. And when Cody returned for the first time since his loss to Black last month, it gave Ahsoka Tano an opening to attack.

The fight between Rhodes and Black spilled into the concourse, and will continue on next week on the “Grand Slam” edition of Dynamite in Queens.

Meanwhile, remember you never know who you’ll see in AEW... or what they might do while they’re there.

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