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MJF’s out here cutting promos to Brian Pillman in hell

How far can a heel go in 2021?

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is determined to find out.

One week after he made some uncomfortable by going after Brian Pillman, Jr.’s family in Pillman’s hometown of Cincinnati (including referring to Flyin’ Brian’s mother as “Meth-anie”), MJF escalated things on the Sept. 15 Dynamite from Newark, New Jersey.

After some standard-if-line-stepping cheap heat cracks about the women of the Garden State, and skillfully navigating a “Shut The **** Up” chant by simply saying “No” and powering on, Max turned to furthering the build to his clash with Pillman next week in Queens.

MJF decided to speak directly to Pillman’s deceased father. He started by addressing his promo upwards, then made a show of talking down to the ground... because the former Hollywood Blond wouldn’t be in heaven, see?

Pillman Jr. got the drop one not only Friedman, but his muscle Wardlow. He also got an emotional interview with Jim Ross where he vowed to make MJF pay for all of this.

Good stuff, or too much?

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