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CM Punk vows to get to the bottom of ‘The Suzuki Incident’

The vast majority of the million+ viewers who watched AEW Dynamite last week have probably never known the joy of shouting KAZE NI NARE along with Minoru Suzuki’s theme music.

So they didn’t even know to be outraged when Tony Khan & team didn’t give Suzuki his full entrance for his main event match with Jon Moxley on Sept. 8. Luckily for them, Wrestling Twitter was on the case.

Over the next several days, legitimate complaints turned into a meme...

Several AEW talents have chimed in, including a former Voice of the Voiceless who will be on commentary during Dynamite this week...

That probably won’t be a one-off joke from CM Punk, either. As they did with another, more prominent production snafu involving Mox, it seems AEW might be integrating “The Suzuki Incident” into their kayfabe.

Did Mox “order” Suzuki’s theme song be cut in order to make more time for his entrance in his hometown of Cincinnati? Is that going to the basis for a Moxley & Eddie Kingston feud with Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer? Is that awesome or cringe?

We’ll see how it plays out as the storyline transitions from social media to the screen tonight. Can’t say AEW doesn’t listen to their customers...

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