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AEW Dark recap (Sept. 14, 2021): You must be ‘this tall’ to face ‘that b****’

Episode 108 of AEW Dark is in the books! If you missed the live broadcast click here for the Cageside Seats stream. Let’s talk about what went down on YouTube. Your commentary team for this edition was Tony Schiavone and Taz.

Leyla Hirsch and Jade Cargill started out the show talking trash to each other. “Smart” Mark Sterling laughed at Hirsch saying she was proud to be from New Jersey. She called Cargill a bitch and Cargill agreed before Schiavone welcomed us to Universal Studios in Orlando.

The Butcher & The Blade (w/ The Bunny) vs. Rosario Grillo & Hunter Knott

Following their win on Elevation this week, The Butcher & The Blade were 6-0 in 2021. “Already in the ring” were Rosario Grillo and Hunter Knott with a 2021 record of 0-3. It didn’t take Butcher & Blade long to move to 7-0 in a quick squash. “There was no offense against them” quipped Schiavone, and I can’t say it better than that.

Ashley D’Amboise vs. Anna Jay

D’Damboise has yet to win in 2021, but Jay just recently came back from injury, so for once the winless opponent had a chance. It wasn’t much of a chance though as Jay quickly tapped D’Amboise out — so quickly that it was just a set up for The Bunny to come out and attack the winner. Tay Conti ran down to make the save.

2point0 (w/ Daniel Garcia) vs. Erik & Andrew Lockhart

2point0 brought a record of 5-1 to this match amassed in their short time in AEW. Erik & Andrew Lockhart were “making their AEW debut” here. Now if these brothers were named Nick and Matt, you might believe they could beat 2point0, but they’re not that elite (pun absolutely intended). Jeff Parker and Matt Lee delivered back breakers and stomps all around to their hapless opponents as the crowd booed. 2 for the Show finished it off.

Jade Cargill (w/ “Smart” Mark Sterling) vs. Angelica Risk

Angelica Risk had no chance here, and not just because she came in winless in AEW. Let’s be real — if Jade Cargill has a Dark match, it’s going to be a completely one sided affair. Fall away slam, kip up, pump kick, glam slam, pin. It’s that simple and that fast. Sterling cut a promo that was longer than the match promising that Cargill would squash Hirsch tomorrow night on Dynamite at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, and mocked her by saying Universal Studios has a height requirement for the rides. Taz: “If there’s a height requirement, there should be a time limit on how long Mark Sterling can talk.”

Mysterious Movado vs. Fuego Del Sol

Fuego Del Sol may have a 2021 singles record of 2-29, but he’s got an AEW contract and his own entrance video, so things are definitely looking up. Furthermore his opponent Mysterious Movado was “making his AEW debut” so this definitely was a good sign for the fan favorite. He flipped and flew until Movado put him down with a forearm to a chorus of boos, followed by a loud “let’s go Fue-go” chant. I think that’s a good sign for the Universal Studios tapings — it shows that the fans who attend the tapings are watching Dark and Elevation, not just Dynamite and Rampage. Movado threw a series of chops and a drop kick then flopped backward onto Fuego for a near fall. Fuego got back on track with an enzuigiri and a springboard moonsault. A top rope tornado DDT gave Fuego his third win!

Khash vs. Shawn Spears

Spears came out with a hoodie over his eyes, a chair in his right hand, and a scowl on his face. His 2021 record was 10-3 and the chair had a bullseye with Darby Allin’s name on it for a seat. Khash was “already in the ring” with a record of 0-1. Schiavone confirmed that Spears vs. Allin was signed for tomorrow night’s Dynamite in Newark. Spears threw Khash out of the ring, threw him all around the ringside area, and threw him back first on the ring apron. Spears hit knees to the head with one arm behind his back, a face buster, and pulled Khash up before the three count. “Darby Allin! Darby! Wednesday, this is for you. Wednesday Darby, history repeats itself!” Death Valley Driver, three count.

Sonny Kiss promised to show the world that Joey Janela was “nothing but a piece of shit” and said “the only thing that’s going to be buried is you.” That’s a payoff I want to see!

Jora Johl & TH2 vs. Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor & Wheeler YUTA (w/ Kris Statlander)

TH2 and Jora Johl were “making their trios debut” so technically they had no record in AEW, which our commentary section always finds odd — trust me so do I. Their opponents sported a trios record of 4-1. The match broke down with all of the heels hitting the ring simultaneously to beat up Orange Cassidy. Evans: “Orange Cassidy has nothing on Apple Jack!” He did a standing twisting moonsault to punctuate this statement. Taz: “Is that what he calls that move?” Cassidy finally escaped the triple teaming to tag in YUTA. He tagged Taylor in, but Angelico escaped and tagged in Johl. Cassidy broke up the power slam pin attempt, bring on a “Best Friends” crowd chant. Cassidy decked Johl with the Orange Punch and picked up the win to a roar from the crowd.

KiLynn King vs. Leyla Hirsch

King’s 2021 record coming in was 12-9, while Hirsch sported an 18-4 record in AEW. King may have had the size advantage, but Hirsch overpowered her and the ref made her break clean. King tried to ground her, tried a front headlock takedown, but Hirsch kept powering out of every spot. King whiffed on a lariat and ate a headlock takedown in return. Hirsch pulled the ropes down and sent King flying to the outside, but got clocked it the head when she went for a suicide dive. Vertical suplex by King for a near fall. Small package by Hirsch for a near fall. Bear hug from King. Hirsch fought her way out and the two traded forearms and chops. Pump kick by King. German release suplexes back to back from Hirsch. King couldn’t avoid the second suicide dive. Schiavone almost described Hirsch as a “suplex machine” before realizing who he was sitting next to. Moonsault for two from Hirsch. Fall away slam from King. King threw a tantrum when Hirsch kicked out of her next pin. Hirsch hit a running knee strike to put her away immediately after! Cargill didn’t give her any time to celebrate, so Hirsch took her down and the two started brawling until a team of referees came out to break it up as the crowd chanted “let them fight.”

What to watch/skip

I’ve finally reached my fill on Jade Cargill squashes. I’m happy that they are building her up as an impressive, nearly unstoppable force, but it also makes me suspect she’s very limited in the ring. On the other hand the build on Dark this week leaves me very intrigued to see their match on Dynamite, so even a negative turns out to be a positive! Main eventing with Hirsch and King definitely drove that point home. The trios match and Fuego Del Sol vs. Mysterious Movado were also really fun. This was another easy to watch episode.

Cageside commentary crew! Get up off your seats and leave your feedback in the comments section below. See you next Monday for Elevation!

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