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AEW Dark Elevation recap (Sept. 13, 2021): Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Episode 28 of AEW Dark: Elevation is in the books! If you missed the live broadcast click here for the Cageside Seats stream. Let’s go over what went down on Elevation this week. The announce team was Paul Wight, Tony Schiavone and Eddie Kingston.

Emi Sakura vs. Queen Aminata

Emi Sakura came in with a 2021 record of 5-1, accompanied once again by her second Lulu Pencil. Queen Aminata’s 2021 record was almost the opposite at 0-5. Sakura wasted no time trading arm wringers with her opponent, biting her arm, and whipping her across the ring by her hair. Sakura put her in the surfboard, dropped her on her head, and kicked her at will. Aminata got her revenge with a little booty to the face with her legs around Sakura’s head and a flying butt in the corner. Sakura hit a backbreaker, pulled Aminata up at two, then did a splash off the top rope for three. An elongated squash.

Frankie Kazarian vs. Ren Jones

Kazarian’s 2021 record was 25-4 before this match. His hapless opponent Mr. Jones was 0-2 to date, but he definitely doesn’t have the physique of a man who would be winless in AEW. The crowd was so solidly behind Kazarian that they booed whenever Jones blocked a move. To their credit both men realized it so Jones worked heel and got a nice reaction when Kazarian fired up from the kicks and stomps, and they erupted when he put on the crossface chicken wing and immediately tapped Jones out. I have a feeling that no matter how heelish Adam Cole (bay bay) is on Wednesday, the crowd will be cheering for him.

Layna Lennox vs. Penelope Ford (w/ The Bunny)

Ford’s 2021 record was 12-4, while Lennox was making her AEW debut here. The moment Lennox went out of the ring. Bunny ran over to boot her in the face and post her into the ring. Handspring back elbow, German suplex, back bridge chin lock, Lennox submitted quick as the Wu-Tang Clan fan in the front row enjoyed his beer. I guess we could say Penelope Ford ain’t nuttin ta eff wit?

The Butcher & The Blade (w/ The Bunny) vs. Turbo Floyd & Truth Magnum

The Butcher & The Blade came in 5-0 in 2021. Their opponents were “making their AEW debut” so you already know what the outcome was. It’s still weird to me that The Butcher is also the guitarist for Every Time I Die, but it doesn’t make him any less intense in the ring. A powerbomb neckbreaker combo made quick work of their opponents.

Jade Cargill (w/ “Smart” Mark Sterling) vs. Shawna Reed

No one needs Justin Roberts to announce a 20 minute time limit less than Jade Cargill. She was 12-0 coming in and would be 13-0 going out facing Shawna Reed, yet to find a win in AEW to date. Cargill immediately booted her, shot her into the ropes, caught her and hit a fall away slam. Implant buster finished her. It was a race to the finish to see whether Cargill or the prior tag team would finish faster.

Anna Jay & Tay Conti vs. Ella Shae & Jaylee

Conti and Jay were 36-7 and 9-5 respectively, but had no record together as a team. Neither did Jaylee or Ella Shae, yet another “making their debut” opponent this week. Conti hit a face buster and tagged in Jay. When Conti tagged back in she got doubled teamed in the corner, and Jay ate a forearm shot for good measure. Conti hit an enzuigiri and tagged back in. Conti got a blind tag for a pump kick to the face, the ladies hit a double suplex, a double boot, and Jay got the finish with the Queen Slayer.

Daniel Garcia (w/ 2point0) vs. Lee Moriarty

Garcia came in 3-5 but he’s been consistently one of my favorite wrestlers on the Dark shows. Lee Moriarty just got his AEW contract after being a standout in his two appearances leading up to this match, but he was still looking for his first AEW win. 2point0 stayed at ringside cheering Garcia on, and interfering when referee Bryce Remsburg was distracted. Garcia worked over Moriarty’s left leg after a chop block. Moriarty kept selling his leg even after scoring a couple of near falls, hobbling around the ring trying to hit moves, and using the ropes for a ref break when Garcia tried to submit him. Moriarty got a double stomp to the chest but appeared to hurt himself, so Garcia whipped him by the leg and put the sharpshooter on and pulled back on the leg to force the tap. The best match of Elevation to this point in the show.

Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs. Skye Blue

Blue was 0-4 thus far in her AEW run. Before Justin Roberts could introduce her opponent, Vickie Guerrero came out and screamed “You suck at your job!” and introduced the 20-4 Rose herself. Blue fired up with forearms but immediately got thrown down with one arm. Blue nearly countered a Beast Bomb into a roll up, then hit a series of dropkicks to the chest trying to knock Rose down. Rose elevated Blue to the apron, Blue kicked her in the head and flew on top of her for a near fall. Rose ducked under Blue, put Blue on her shoulders, and turned her around for the Bomb. A strong finish to Elevation figuratively and literally!

What to skip/watch

This week’s skip/watch is brought to you by Poison. If you’re not a fan of matches with predictable outcomes you’d be tempted to skip this week’s Elevation. The only time there was even a slight hint it could go either way was the last two matches, which to no one’s surprise were also the best matches, but until they give Moriarty or Blue a credible win over someone they’ll remain highly talented JTTS (Jobbers To The Stars).

Cageside commentary crew! Get up off your seats and leave your feedback in the comments section below. See you tomorrow night for AEW Dark!

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