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SmackDown does some of its best numbers of the year as Rampage continues to find its floor

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The final numbers are in for the sports entertainment and pro wrestling shows that aired on Sept. 10.

Over on the broadcast networks, SmackDown continues to improve its already night-winning numbers for FOX. Last Friday’s episode was watched by a total audience of 2.383 million, the biggest since January. The blue brand’s 18 - 49 year old demographic also rose to .65, a roughly 5% increase from the week prior, and the best number since July 16’s return to touring episode. WWE handily won the night in all demos,

Among cable originals, AEW Rampage continued to settle into its numbers in the 10pm ET slot on TNT. Both viewership and rating fell again this week, with the hour long show posting 670K viewers and a .27 rating with 18 - 49 year olds. Even with the declines, Rampage is still performing well - especially given its time slot. Last Friday’s pre-taped show finished third on cable behind live sports like college football and US Open tennis.

To me, these numbers still looks good for the wrestling business all around. We’ll see how the online debate spins it...

Source: Showbuzz Daily