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Finally, Renee Paquette makes her BTE debut

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Several noteworthy things happen on this week’s Being The Elite (be sure to read our man Manolo’s AEW Rewind feature every Wednesday before Dynamite for a complete recap of every episode of The Young Bucks’ influential YouTube series).

But what popped me more than Kenny Omega & The Bucks catching Adam Cole up on everything that’s happened in the four years since they poisoned him in the BTE kayfabe universe, Anna Jay trying & failing to not laugh at John Silver’s drunken monologue, or seeing Brandon Cutler’s perspective on taking Bryan Danielson’s running knee last Wednesday on Dynamite?

It came after (SPOILER ALERT) 2point0’s Matt Lee wins the BTE title from Marko Stunt. While Lee and Jeff Parker were, as usual, inquiring about the AEW roster’s interest in “a taste”, we got this seemingly incidental cameo by Renee Paquette. And not only is Jon Moxley’s better half making her AEW debut, but... BAI GAWD, THAT’S NORA’S MUSIC!

These Quebec boys better think twice before the mess with with a nice Toronto gal like Renee, though.

Bless his heart, Parker’s not backing down...

Kind of explains why that dude’s taken so many people’s finishers lately.

Anyway... Renee on BTE!