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Bryan Danielson knows who he wants to face in his first AEW match

This week in AEW has been heavily focused on the arrivals of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson to the promotion. On tonight’s (Sept. 10) episode of Rampage, both wrestlers explained more about their motivation for being part of All Elite Wrestling:

In the case of Cole, he trusts Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks with his life. He’s not even in his prime years yet and can still run circles around the likes of Danielson and Christian.

Meanwhile, Danielson explains that he’s not actually targeting The Elite as a group. While it’s clear from the way they act and dress that they are dripping in insecurity, there’s just one man from the group that he wants in the ring right now - Kenny Omega.

The American Dragon would love to face Omega in his first AEW match to prove that The Cleaner isn’t on his level. The good news is that even if Omega ducks him, the AEW locker room is full of hungry wrestlers who won’t hesitate to step up to the plate.

Do you think Bryan’s first match in AEW will be against Omega, Cagesiders?

Follow along with the results for Rampage here.

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