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Chavo Guerrero is already out as Andrade’s manager

Tonight’s (Sept. 10) episode of AEW Rampage featured the highly anticipated match between Andrade El Idolo and PAC. This match was originally booked for last weekend’s All Out pay-per-view card but was moved to Rampage due to potentially dubious “travel issues.”

Andrade in particular needed a showcase match at this early part of his career in AEW, and he mostly got it. But there was a screwy ending, with his assistant Jose distracting the referee with a taser and Chavo Guerrero running in to blast PAC with an iPad in the back of the head. Andrade then covered PAC for the win.

Chavo, Andrade, and Jose were walking up the ramp after the match was over. But Jose whispered something to Andrade, and that led to Andrade knocking Chavo on his ass. Andrade presumably didn’t appreciate Chavo’s iPad assist during the finish of the match.

Jose and Andrade walked out, leaving Chavo to the proverbial wolves. Or in this case, the Death Triangle. The Lucha Bros and PAC finished Guerrero off, with PAC putting him out with The Brutalizer.

So Chavo Guerrero is already out as Andrade’s manager, which is certainly interesting given that Ric Flair is a free agent...

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