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Minoru Suzuki isn’t finished with Jon Moxley

The main event of this week’s (Sept. 8) episode of AEW Dynamite saw hometown hero Jon Moxley defeat New Japan Pro Wrestling legend Minoru Suzuki.

AEW crammed so many different stories into this episode that Moxley vs. Suzuki was shortchanged for time. Suzuki’s entrance was cut short, and the match never really reached that extra level of awesomeness that it was hyped up to deliver.

But don’t fret, Cagesiders, because Minoru Suzuki realizes he was screwed over and won’t stand for it. It’s been made clear that he’s not finished with Jon Moxley after that unsatisfying main event encounter:

The above tweet confirms that Suzuki and The Murderhawk Monster Lance Archer will be on hand for next week’s Dynamite to issue a new challenge to Mox. Archer is the man who forked Moxley in July to win the IWGP United States championship, so there is plenty of bad blood between Moxley and both of these men.

Do you care to take a guess as to what Suzuki-gun has in store for Jon Moxley?

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