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Kurt Angle says he’s turned down three offers from AEW

He appreciates their interest, but can’t do it ‘at this particular time.’

New Jersey Horror Con 2019 Photo by Bobby Bank/Getty Images

AEW’s made frequent (and pretty good IMHO) use of older and retired wrestlers throughout their brief history. One name that would seem to be a logical fit after his WWE release in 2020 is Kurt Angle. But the Olympic Gold Medalist hasn’t shown up on Dynamite or any of AEW’s other shows.

In a recent interview with The Wrestling Inc. Daily podcast, Angle revealed its not for lack of trying on Tony Khan’s part.

“Yes, they offered me a couple of different contracts. I turned it down for personal reasons, but Tony Khan’s been really nice to me, very generous, and I really appreciate his interest in having me there. But at this particular time, I can’t do it.”

Angle told the same pod last year that working with AEW was “off the table”, and has said elsewhere that he was even lobbied by Shaquille O’Neal to join All Elite. He’s still not offering details on why beyond a desire to focus on his outside ventures like his own podcast and his nutrition company. But he did get into what he’s passed on:

“The first offer, they wanted me to have many matches. The next offer, I think, was three matches, and then one was just an on-camera personality, no wrestling.”

Given how often we’ve heard Angle express some misgivings about his WWE retirement match, it’s a little surprising to hear he’s not looking to get back in the ring. But given what we know about the condition of his body - and specifically his neck - it’s also good to hear.

As for doing other things in AEW? It’s a never say never business, and it sounds like Kurt & TK have an open line of communication.

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