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Hangman Page made this 8 year old fan’s birthday with some Cowboy S***

Hangman Page may not be next in line for a shot at Kenny Omega’s AEW World title, or even on the card for All Out on Sept. 5. But he’s still a hell of a babyface (the best on the current scene, in my opinion).

A lot of that is because Hangman seems to be the latest example of the pro wrestling truism that the best gimmicks and characters are the performer’s real personality turned up to 11. And Adam Page seems to be a really, really good dude.

Our latest example is the video message he sent to Nolie, a young Hangman superfan. The birthday greeting he sent to the new eight year old is pretty great in general, but it’s the reaction he gets (aided by the fact that, with Nolie’s parents permission, Page gave the birthday boy the go ahead to use his catchphrase).

Check it out.

The chest slaps and point at the 46 second mark are phenomenal.

So yeah I’m a Hangman Page guy. And in honor of fellow Hangman guy Nolie’s eighth birthday, please join me in a chant...

Cowboy Shit! Cowboy Shit! Cowboy Shit!

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