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Some interestingly timed tweets from Chris Jericho & other AEW stars

While SmackDown was on the air last night (Aug. 6), reports started coming out about a group of wrestlers and referees being released from NXT.

This was the fourth such mass release by WWE this year, with individuals being let go on a case-by-case basis at other times. It’s shaken up not just the company, but the entire industry. And almost every time, focus shifts to the new kid on the block - AEW.

Contrary to how it might seem, most of the people WWE cuts loose don’t end up working for Tony Khan. But that doesn’t stop speculation. There’s also the fact the success of AEW is a factor in why WWE has changed up their approach to talent management. Plus, we wrestling fans do love inter-company competition.

So for all those reasons, we thought these tweets were worth sharing:

All fairly general, of course. But the dots are easy enough to connect. Interesting, indeed.

What affect will WWE’s cuts have on their rivalry with AEW? Which of the current crop of free agents do you think we’ll see on Dynamite or Rampage?

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