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CM Punk won’t be the only wrestling legend guest starring on Stephen Amell’s Heels

Stephen Amell’s Twitter

Even before it became clear his AEW debut was imminent, we were pretty excited about CM Punk’s return to the ring on the new STARZ drama Heels. Punk has a guest starring role on the show about a small town, family-owned independent wrestling promotion in Georgia, He’ll play Ricky Rabies, who he described to Digital Spy as “me in another life”:

“A very popular independent wrestler who, if you want people to show up to your show, you book him on this show. He’s kind of been everywhere, done everything, he’s a little bit older now and he’s a character that everybody likes.”

Series star - and former WWE, Ring of Honor, and ALL IN wrestler - Stephen Amell has spoken very highly of Punk’s work on the show, and told IGN he set a high bar for future guest stars. And Amell does hope that if Heels is a hit for STARZ, they’ll “have some more people from the industry on the show.”

Producer Mike O’Malley and series creator Michael Waldron revealed we don’t have to wait for a second season a few other familiar faces. The only other name they drop in the IGN interview is Mick Foley, who will play a podcast host in one episode. But Waldron says there are a “another couple that are pretty exciting” after he talks up Punk, and before O’Malley spoils Foley - so maybe there’s another surprise in store for us in season one?

We’ll find out after the premiere next Sun., Aug. 15 at 9pm ET.

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