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Kenny Omega’s Elite loses trios match to Team Impact again

Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers are riding high as the Elite in Impact. Omega is the Impact world champion, while Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows have Impact tag team gold in their possession. Unfortunately, that dominant success has not been replicated when they from a trios team. Their record as a unit dropped to a paltry 2-3 after another loss on tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling (Aug. 5, 2021).

The Elite went to battle against “Elite Hunter” Frankie Kazarian, Sami Callihan, and Eddie Edwards. Kaz cut a rousing promo about his motivation for returning to the Impact Zone through the Forbidden Door from AEW. He is there for vengeance and will get it by ripping the heart out of the Elite.

The contest kicked off with ringside brawling. The Elite picked up momentum on a piggyback triple splash to Edwards. Eddie eventually surged for a hot tag to Callihan. The Death Machine proceeded to gouge Omega in the eyes and stomp a mudhole in him. The action broke down into big moves from all. Omega had the last laugh of the exchange with a V-trigger for Kaz.

The Good Brothers looked to finish Callihan with a Magic Killer, but Kaz made the save by clotheslining Gallows out of the ring. Callihan took care of Omega with a piledriver on the apron. Edwards finished the job with a Boston Knee Party to pin Anderson for victory.

There were two stories explored throughout the match. First was whether Callihan and Edwards could get along as eternal enemies. They focused on business at hand and had no issues of dissension. Second was the story of Omega being less than 100% after his violent title defense against Callihan at Slammiversary. Omega started a little slow, but he showed his championship spirit on a few kick-outs. However, the apron piledriver may have damaged the champ’s neck and spine. Don Callis checked Omega for a stinger as he lie in pain on the floor. Impact is planting the seeds for Omega’s hectic schedule wearing him down physically.

Digging deeper into the Elite’s trios record in Impact, there is one man in common for all three wins by Team Impact. That would be Eddie Edwards. It goes to show how much he is the heart and soul of the company. Whenever Omega ends up being dethroned, Edwards would be as good a choice as any to do the honors.

What do you make of the Elite’s lackluster record as a trio in Impact? How much longer do you think Omega can keep up his torrent pace as champion across multiple companies?