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Rampage is getting a four-man booth

The announce team for AEW’s new TNT series Rampage won’t lack for personalities.

With ten days to go before the show’s Aug. 13 debut, the company announced the four-man booth who will call the hour’s worth of action each Friday night at 10pm ET. Chris Jericho, Mark Henry & Taz will provide color commentary, with Excalibur directing traffic as the play-by-play voice.

It’s a lot of name brand star power, which should help AEW attract an audience in an unfavorable time spot. That will be even more important if the company does opt to use Rampage to showcase members of its growing roster who aren’t already big draws on their own. That probably won’t be the case for the sold-out “First Dance” show in Chicago’s United Center on Aug. 20. But it remains to be seen if the show everyone is expecting CM Punk to show up at is a one-off, or if star-studded Rampages will be the norm.

Four guys is a lot of chatter though. Is it too much?

We’ll find out next Friday.

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