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PBR’s ad on Dynamite features Nick Gage nemesis Matt Cardona (and others)

Domino’s was supposedly upset about their ad running during just after Nick Gage used a pizza cutter on Chris Jericho’s forehead during the main event of last week’s Dynamite.

But Gage’s regular promotional partner Pabst Blue Ribbon was more than happy to be associated with the MDK gang. The popular beer even offered to buy some ad time on AEW’s Aug. 4 episode.

Nobody expected it to feature Gage’s GCW nemesis Matt Cardona, his fiancée Chelsea Green, podcasting partner Brian Myers, their pal Swoggle, and others.

The King of Ultraviolence was nowhere to be found, but Cardona’s Major Wrestling Figure pod logo can definitely be spotted. And the GCW champ doing his best Triple H impression on a diving board, with PBR instead of water.

It’s pretty epic, and the latest twist on the amazing career turnaround of the former Zack Ryder.

Anybody else think the Forbidden Door might be busted at this point?

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