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Super Judas Effect!

AEW returned home to Jacksonville for the Aug. 4 Dynamite, and they didn’t make the fateful wait to sing “Judas”.

Chris Jericho was out to deal with his third Labour, the series of challenges he must go through to get another match with MJF (which would be the fifth Labour... I think). For this one, he was facing his old WCW cruiserweight rival Juventud Guerrero, and he had to beat the lucha high flier with a move off the top rope.

Juvie didn’t waste any time showing he’s still got it (clap clap clapclapclap)...

Jericho fought back, but was clearly showing the effects of his winning the previous two Labours - especially last week’s deathmatch with Nick Gage. He survived a Juvi Driver, and connected with Judas Effect. But that isn’t a top rope maneuver... so Le Champion climbed and turned it into one.

There was no time for the Florida crowd to celebrate though, or for Juice and Jericho to show respect to one another. Wardlow crashed the party and took out both men.

MJF took his mic ringside to announce the fourth Labour... a match with Wardlow, with Max himself as the referee [this was how Jim Ross described it, but based on later promotion of the match, it seems MJF will just be ringside to ensure the referee calls it “fair and square”].

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