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Former NXT tag team calls out AEW’s toughest guys for Dynamite debut

When trying to make an impression to establish yourself in a new territory, one method is to call out the baddest dudes on the block. Matt Lee and Jeff Parker decided to make that bold move for their debut on Dynamite tonight, and we will all get a taste to see if they rule.

You might be asking who the heck are Matt Lee and Jeff Parker and why are they getting a slot on Dynamite. The duo was better known as Ever-Rise in NXT, before their release in June 2021. They have captured tag team gold in Chikara, CRW, IWS, NSPW, and NCW. While success eluded them in NXT, they earned fans as charismatic characters.

For their first action in AEW, Lee and Parker recruited Daniel Garcia to challenge Eddie Kingston, Jon Moxley, and Darby Allin.

Parker: Oh now, would you look at this. Free agency, huh? A hell of a thing.

Lee: How ‘bout it? Free agency tastes real good, huh? 2.0 in the AEW. But you know what you gotta do? You know what you gotta do when you’re the new kids in the neighborhood? You gotta find somebody to watch your back, so, Daniel Garcia, how ‘bout it?

Garcia: The second thing that you have to do is call out the three baddest dudes on the roster.

Parker: Oh, this is a good plan. I like this plan.

Lee: The three baddest dudes. Eddie Kingston! You want a taste?

Parker: Okay, so we’re gonna go with Kingston? How about Jon Moxley? Hey, you want a taste?

Garcia: And how about Darby Allin? If you want a taste?

Lee: You want a taste, Darby? Huh? Tomorrow night, boys. You’re gonna find out that the three of us right here, we rule!

Parker: Rule!

Garcia: Rule.

2.0’s cheesy bravado has earned my attention, although, I don’t anticipate them surviving very long against the lineup of killers they called out. Allin replied with, “Step up and welcome to AEW I’ll be more than happy to show y’all ain’t ready.” Kingston’s response was a simple, “Hahahahaha.” I’d wager that Moxley doesn’t even know he has a match scheduled yet. He’ll probably roll into the arena, shrug, then kick ass.

Would you like to see 2.0 officially join the stacked tag team division in AEW? Where do you think they would rank on the pecking order in terms of talent?

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