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Max Caster’s bars about Simone Biles, Duke rape case streamed then removed from AEW Dark

AEW’s Twitter

The Acclaimed’s Max Caster has made a name for himself in AEW with his entrance raps. Playful lines that border on the offensive have caught the attention of wrestling fans, and helped secure him a weekly feature on TMZ.

But for his walkout with Anthony Bowens to team with Matt Hardy & The Blade against The Varsity Blondes & The Sydals, Caster unleashed a rhyme that referenced Olympian Simone Biles, shows a misunderstanding of what happened with a mid-Aughts rape allegation, includes some COVID misinformation, and closes with his latest shot at 19 year old Julia Hart - which was cut off as planned when Bowens snatched the mic from him.

The rap aired on the initial stream of the Aug. 3 Dark. The video was pulled and the rap edited out after online reaction was overwhelmingly negative (although some are defending it as a heel doing his job), and AEW appears to be issuing copyright claims against people sharing the clip on social media. It’s out there if you search hard enough. Here’s a transcription:

The Acclaimed kicking ass for miles, make you claim mental health like Simone Biles
The Sydals gonna pay the cost, I’m gonna treat those bitches like Duke lacrosse
The Blondes say they the best but those dudes are faker than a PCR test
And what’s that smell here in North Carolina, oh wait that’s Julia’s...

Dark was filmed last week in Charlotte, so some at AEW didn’t seem to take issue with Caster’s rap - and clearly didn’t expect the blowback - or it never would have streamed in the first place.

The Biles line was also in his latest weekly appearance for TMZ, and is still up on their sites. On Monday’s Raw, Charlotte Flair also made mention of the legendary gymnast withdrawing from several events at the Tokyo games.

AEW has yet to comment on the controversy. Caster’s only statement has been an in-character response to a deleted tweet from Busted Open’s Dave LaGreca.

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