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An important update about Adam Cole(’s dental health)

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Adam Cole seems to be done with WWE, with word rumored to be circulating internally that he’s no longer with the company after his contract expired last Friday. He’s said to be considered a free agent, currently fielding offers from other wrestling companies.

His significant other has ties to one of those companies. Britt Baker is not only All Elite Wrestling Women’s World champion - she’s also already been fantasy booking mixed tag matches for the couple in AEW.

So when we get an update on Cole from Baker, you know she has some inside information.

Then you remember that Britt’s a dentist (as if she or AEW would ever let us forget it), and that all pro wrestlers have at least a little troll in them...

On Twitter, Dr. Baker, D.M.D. gave her favorite patient a clean bill of health:

I can confirm Adam Cole has no cavities.

Very excited to see what Adam Cole’s teeth do next.