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Give us CM Punk vs. Sting

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CM Punk has arrived in AEW. Oh, you didn’t know? You better call somebody. Too bad AEW doesn’t have a rumors hotline. The point remains that Punk is All Elite. No, this is not a dream. Punk is actually in AEW. With that comes the fun of making dream matches.

AEW is ahead of the curve on the plucky youngster niche by offering Punk versus Darby Allin at the All Out PPV on September 5. Punk stated that he’s not going anywhere. That means the AEW world is our oyster as wrestling fans.

The obvious calls for Punk would be to square off against Kenny Omega or find a bearded GOAT to battle the Young Bucks, however, those fellows happen to be in high demand as champions. While the encounters would no doubt be tons of fun, there are several other fascinating matchups to occupy Punk’s time. AEW has a wide variety of styles on their roster. That’s what we’ll be looking at.

Icon vs. Icon: CM Punk vs. Sting

Give us Punk versus Sting. That is a genuine dream match that would only have happened in our dreams up until ten days ago. Punk wrestling Sting could be AEW’s version of The Rock wrestling Hulk Hogan. Much like the Allin match, Punk and Sting wouldn’t even have to sell it with promos. The matchup sells itself. What’s Punk going to do when Sting pounds his chest and roars?

The tough part about delivering that epic contest is the timing. Sting has a limited shelf life in the ring, so it would have to come after he gives the rub to a worthy star in defeat. Once that business is settled, the icons can clash. I’m in the mindset that Punk wins, but maybe a loss to Sting would be the catalyst for a heel turn by Punk. The match could even take place after Punk has run through the baddies and desires to turn bad himself for fresh matches with babyfaces. There’s lots of room to play with them.

Honestly, the hero alignment doesn’t matter. Just give us the match that would blow our minds. Fans will cheer for one or the other anyway, or even both at the same time.

Submission expert: CM Punk vs. Angelico

Angelico has a unique use of llave submissions. I’d like to see Punk solve that puzzle. That’s it. They can have a dance contest afterward, so Angelico can get his win back and set up a trilogy.

Crazy high-flyer: CM Punk vs. Fenix

Fenix has insane ability through the air. Punk has never faced a luchador like that. Even though Punk has battled with Rey Mysterio, Fenix is a completely different breed.

Fenix’s unorthodox style brings the wow factor like no other masked man. I want to see how Punk makes Fenix look even better than he already is.

Oddity: CM Punk vs. Orange Cassidy

Cassidy is like no other wrestler in the world, maybe even the history of professional wrestling. Punk’s reaction to this enigma would be intriguing. On one hand, Cassidy’s popularity does represent the voiceless having a voice. On the other hand, Punk can be a curmudgeon ornery enough to test the boundaries of hurricane Cassidy. Punk may have to get on the dirty side to truly draw out OC’s motivated best. If AEW goes that route, that’s where my curiosity lays. I want to see how deep Punk would rip into Cassidy and also observe the verbal comebacks, if there are any.

Hardcore: CM Punk vs. Joey Janela

Janela is hardcore in the ring and on the mic. He put on a dandy against Kenny Omega in a Lights Out match of Dark episode #2. The Bad Boy can also fire up for promos. He seems like he has no filter. Just give them time to improvise insults, and get out of the way. The verbal exchanges with Punk would be so hot that they may need to be extinguished by Fire Marshall Bill.

The list goes on and on. Malakai Black would be intense, Eddie Kingston would be hard-hitting, Jungle Boy would be titillating, Anthony Ogogo would be suave, future AEW world champion Hangman Page would be roughriding, Ricky Starks would be stroking.

Basically, I want to see Punk against every single wrestler officially on the roster.

Sound off on your preferred matchups for Punk in AEW in the near future.