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CM Punk bought pizza for the entire Pro Wrestling Tees team

First ice cream for fans, now pizza for the folks working hard to fill record-breaking orders for his new AEW merch.

Natalie Slater’s YouTube

Just before he told an arena full of Chicagoans he bought them ice cream, CM Punk revealed his latest merch.

The simple t-shirt adorned with his crossed fists, a black & red version of his hometown’s flag, and his “Best in the World” nickname was an immediate hit. The Pro Wrestling Tees and Show AEW websites crashed. Tony Khan revealed they sold so many of the version Punk wore on Rampage that they had to buy up every ringer tee in the United States to meet demand. Within days, PWT announced it was the best-selling design in their history:

That’s a lot of orders to fill, and a lot of cash in Phil Brooks’ bank account. To thank the team grinding to get those shirts into wrestling fans’ mailboxes, Punk spent some of his money to keep them well fed.

A nice gesture, made nicer by the fact Punk bought them real pizza and not that casserole they sell in Chi-town.

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