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CM Punk is soaking up all the love he can in AEW, for however long it lasts

CM Punk did indeed make an appearance on AEW Rampage this week — he was the guy who came out to send the crowd home happy once the show went off the air. Hey, it worked out okay, because YouTube is a thing and AEW is all about giving fans what they want. So they released the video:

“I never thought I’d be over enough to be able to be the guy that came out here to send everybody home but... I just gotta come back out here and say that it’s just so cool to be here. It’s cool that you all came here and you stayed, I know it’s late, I know sometimes the shows can be long. But you sit in your seats and you’re enthusiastic and you give everybody here everything you got because everybody, at least that I’ve seen so far, gives you everything that they have. I just want to say that I’m super grateful and I know eventually the luster will kind of wear off, and the shine of CM Punk coming out and just having a good time and listening to ‘Cult of Personality’ is going to wear off, but just know that until it does wear off I’m going to keep doing it, and I’m going to try to keep soaking in as much as I possibly can.”

Christian Cage got on the mic and made sure to say “it’s a big fucking deal you’re here” before Frankie Kazarian did the same while offering the credibility of a guy who has been around from the beginning, endorsing both Christian and Punk by saying “you are welcome additions to this company” and “on behalf of all the AEW OG’s, thank you for being here.”

Like Punk said, this won’t last forever, but it’s good to soak it in for now.

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