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AEW Dark set to become a studio show (Updated)

The addition of Rampage to AEW’s schedule was bound to cause changes. Those were minimal for the first couple weeks as they aired the Friday night show live, but as they’ll often tape it on Wednesdays before or after the live Dynamite broadcast, that means less time for their YouTube exclusive Dark and Dark Elevation.

We’ve already seen the Monday and Tuesday Dark shows feature less matches in the Rampage era. And according to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that’s only part of the changes we’ll see at least one of the Darks.

Most weeks, Dark will be filmed at a studio away from where AEW is traveling that week. The WON report lines up with what Tony Khan said in an interview with PWInsider earlier this summer.

“Before Dynamite, we used to tape Dark. That’s going to change. I’m going to tape Elevation before Dynamite now. So it’s going to be a shorter Elevation and I may add matches that I’ll explain where I’ll add them from. I’m going to procure a venue for use to tape Dark and other content that’ll be great. And I’m really looking forward to this. I think it’s going to be tremendous and it will be where we’ll shoot Dark and we’ll do tapings.”

Khan said they were advantages to taping both their original “developmental” series while putting together their other shows, there are also benefits to working with the younger, greener talent in a dedicated environment:

“And it’ll be, as it’s been, it’s been a developmental situation and it’ll continue to be developmental. And it’s been great doing it all under one roof, all at one taping. There have been advantages, but there’ll be some advantages now to doing it as its own taping and being able to give 100% attention to these and not having to also to think about Dynamite and soon Rampage and Elevation also.”

Personally, I think it will be cool to see one AEW show in a different setting each week. I also imagine the ability to focus on up-and-comers completely instead of while also creating three other shows will be a boon for the younger wrestlers.

What do you think, Cagesiders?

UPDATE: According to Andrew Zarian, Dark’s new home will be Impact’s old one:

Meltzer’s confirmed Zarian’s report.

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