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AEW sacrifices the Andersons to continue Malakai Black’s push

The Malakai Black/Brock Anderson match was the main event of the Aug. 25 Dynamite, so I figured AEW had something up their sleeve for the end of the episode.

Black offered Arn’s kid the chance to take a count out loss, but not only didn’t Brock take him up on him, he got in a takedown at the bell. That was just about all the offense young Anderson got in.

Double A thought about throwing in the towel, but it was a distraction to allow his boy to land some quad shots. It didn’t do anything but delay the inevitable. Black Mass came moments later, and that was all she wrote for Brock Anderson.

It was pretty much all she wrote for the segment, too. If you were hoping for a Cody Rhodes return, or for another big name to mix it up with Black, it may have been a disappointment. The Dutchman took out Arn, then backed away from The Nightmare Factory’s Lee Johnson.

But it’s clear AEW is very invested in presenting Black as a bad ass, and a big deal. Did using the main event of the show for this work as a way to get that across to you?

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