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Lance Archer’s choices for his own faction are a beastly crew

On last week’s episode of Dynamite, Lance Archer was ambushed by Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page. The incident occurred during a promo from Dan Lambert flapping his gums with insults toward the AEW fans.

Soon, we’ll find out if it was an elaborate ruse by Lambert as payback for Archer chokeslamming him, or if the Men of the Year acted on their own. Either way, Archer may need backup to deal with the numbers game. That reminded me of a clip from Archer’s turn on the AEW Unrestricted podcast back in July.

When asked who Archer would pick as faction mates, the Murderhawk Monster revealed his choices as Bear Country and possibly even Abadon.

Archer: You have Bear County, you have the Murderhawk Monster, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts. Talk about the Animal Kingdom, the Monster Militia, whatever you want to call us. A large group of just beastly dudes going out there and whopping some ass. I think it would be kind of a fun faction for those guys.

And then, I mean, you could throw in somebody like Abadon, kind of could crawl in underneath as we’re standing on the stage. Things like that. I think the visual of that just by itself would be a fun thing for the All Elite Wrestling fan base.

Here is a small example of the type of booty whopping that makes Bear Country a good fit with Archer.

Coincidentally enough, Archer’s choices were inspired by nefarious actions from Page.

Archer: Ethan Page, the way he took advantage of baby bear, Bear Bronson, was to kind of give him a low blow and then stack him up and give him the Ego’s Edge there. He kind of did the same thing to me at the Revolution pay-per-view. I think that’s the only way he can get us big dudes up is to low blow us and to carry us out for his finish there.

Time will tell whether or not that conversation was motivation for Archer’s latest drama as a vehicle to form a new faction to fight Sky and Page. I’m all for the team-up. Archer is kind of in that black hole of dominating force but not top guy level. A faction would give Archer’s AEW run new life, especially if an official trios division comes along. Adding Abadon gives them a freaky edge.

If Archer and Bear Country ever need two more wrestlers for a ten-man tag, he might be able to lean on Sting and Darby Allin. Sting acted as a conduit to transition Archer into maniac babyface status. Sticking with the animal motif, Allin is like a flying squirrel. If that casts Allin as Rocky the Flying Squirrel, then I suppose Sting would be Bullwinkle J. Moose.

How would you react to seeing Archer, Bear Country, and Abadon as a faction?

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