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Ruby Soho’s auto theft career derailed by radio station playing Riott Squad theme

When last we checked in with pro wrestler Ruby Soho, formerly known as sports entertainer Ruby Riott, she missed the train to New York.

But Rancid’s Lars Frederiksen didn’t bless her using the name of their song because she gives up easily. Soho is back, this time chilling at a convenience store when a guy we can only assumed is stoned to the bejeezus belt (who else leaves their car running while buying a Giant-Sized Slim Jim?!?!) rolls up. Ruby steals his ride, but doesn’t want to hear either Metric’s “Black Sheep” or “Elevated” by State Champs.

That’s her downfall in this new vignette, because she flips to a station playing her old theme from WWE. That triggers some bad memories, I guess, because Ruby pulls over and has to compose herself.


It’s another slick production from Soho, teasing her next move (rumored to be AEW). The Metric/Envy Adams tune is a particularly nice touch, but I don’t like this one as much as Ruby’s first “Runaway” installment. Not to go all Booker T on ya, but one of the nice things about last week’s vignetter was the lack of WWE references. At least she’s not using a jail metaphor.

Tune in next week when maybe we’ll find out if Ruby Soho ever escapes New Jersey!

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