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Yes, the Chicago crowd really got free ice cream bars from CM Punk

One cult favorite part of WWE’s 2011 “Summer of Punk” was CM Punk’s demand Vince McMahon bring back the old WWF-era ice cream bars. The company eventually did, but Punk was gone... and they were actually ice cream sandwiches.

It was just another disappointing element of the Punk/WWE relationship.

For his return to pro wrestling on the Aug. 20 episode of Rampage, AEW & Punk followed up on that dangling plot thread. The Best in the World offered a post-script to his opening promo, telling the packed house at the United Center in his home town of Chicago:

“One more thing. Seven years is an awful long time to wait for somebody. I appreciate everybody here who has waited. So on your way out of the United Center tonight, grab yourself a free ice cream bar on me.”

And that was a shoot, ladies and germs...

CM Punk’s Instagram

Pretty cool, indeed. A man of his word, that Phil Brooks.

No word on how they tasted, but I’m pretty sure no one at “The First Dance” complained.

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