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Tony Khan’s latest claim has to be about CM Punk, right?

Based on rumors, reports, and teases on AEW programming, there is a strong expectation that CM Punk will finally return to pro wrestling for AEW tomorrow night (Aug. 20) at 10 pm ET during The First Dance on Rampage.

Even though AEW has been hyping The First Dance as ‘the most anticipated television event of the year’, the current advertised card doesn’t seem like anything special. The event can only live up to the hype if the rumors about CM Punk are true.

Just in case you are still skeptical that Punk has signed with AEW and will debut tomorrow night, Tony Khan has chimed in on Twitter with a last-minute promise about a new era in AEW beginning tomorrow night:

I have a feeling that he’s not talking about the advertised match between Jade Cargill and Kiera Hogan. Tony Khan’s claim about a new era has to the final unofficial confirmation that CM Punk’s return really is imminent, right Cagesiders?

It’s worth noting that AEW has occasionally over-hyped things in the past. They promoted Christian’s mystery signing as “the biggest scoop ever,” for example.

This is one time where they absolutely cannot under-deliver on fan expectations, or else AEW risks losing the good will of its audience. But if AEW does come through and reveal that CM Punk is signed with them, well then holy crap, the game has changed.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow night at The First Dance.

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