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MJF finally came up with a Labour Jericho couldn’t perform

Maxwell Jacob Freidman’s master plan for the Fifth Labour he assigned to Chris Jericho was to take away all things “Judas” from his former mentor. Step one was - predictably, but no less impressively - spoiled by the crowd in Houston for the Aug. 18 Dynamite.

It looked like it might not matter that MJF had also taken away Jericho’s Judas Effect finisher, either. It was all Le Champeon in the early going, but he might have gotten a little too cute thwarting Max’s camera trick.

MJF managed to trap Jericho’s injured left arm as they returned to the ring, and proceeded to target it throughout the remainder of the match. It didn’t really slow the veteran’s roll, though... at least at first. The stipulation did, however, force him into his bag of tricks for signature moves and finishers from his past.

Each man dug into their bag of dirty tricks, and Jericho managed to hit MJF with his bat Floyd while referee Aubrey Edwards was getting rid of the diamond ring Friedman was trying to use. But Jericho tried to follow-up with Judas Effect before catching himself. The hesitation caught him, as MJF hit him with the move, then locked on his Salt of the Earth armbar on Chris’ damaged wing. He struggled, but was eventually forced to tap.

The crowd didn’t love it, but it was probably the right call. Thoughts?

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