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Ruby Soho is trying to catch a train to New York in new teaser video

Ruby Soho’s Twitter

Ruby Soho, who wrestling fans last saw working as Ruby Riott prior to her WWE release on June 2, just posted a new teaser video.

Teasing what? Well, it’s almost certainly a return to wrestling somewhere other than Vince McMahon’s company. The minute long video has what looks to be a pretty big clue about where she’ll return, and from there it’s easy to speculate about for whom (which matches up with the latest rumor), and when she could debut.

Soho is seen carrying an Amtrak ticket from Orlando to New York’s Penn Station. Orlando’s the home of the WWE Performance Center, and was their home base for much of the pandemic. You can get lots of places from Penn Station. One of those places is Queens, where AEW will be for the “Grand Slam” edition of Dynamite on Weds., Sept. 22.

Ruby misses the train, but luckily she has lots of time to get to Arthur Ashe Stadium. If that is indeed where she’s going...

The big debut rumored for AEW’s New York City debut is Bryan Danielson. Could we see The Runaway start working for Tony Khan then too? A lot of fans were hoping Soho would show up at All Out, seeing as that PPV is days after her 90 day WWE non-compete would expire. Maybe she still will!

If she’s living the gimmick of the name Rancid gifted her, her destination is unknown.

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