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Paul Wight is looking to reinvent himself for his AEW wrestling debut

Paul Wight All Elite Wrestling

Paul Wight - formerly known as Big Show, and before that The Giant - took his first step toward wrestling for AEW on Dynamite last week.

We don’t know yet if Wight’s first match since July 2020 will come out of this issue he set-up with QT Marshall and Aaron Solow, or if it will be a more high-profile affair like the long-awaited clash with Shaquille O’Neal. Hell, maybe he’ll team with Shaq after Marshall lied to O’Neal about his table bump on Dynamite last year.

However it happens, Wight is already putting thought into his return to the ring. And he wants to take advantage of the chance to do something different than the Big Show gimmick for the first time this century.

Here’s what he told WrestleZone:

“This is the first time in, I don’t know how many years I finally get to reinvent myself a little bit. You know, trying to find updated gear that’s not so much retro, the same gear that we’ve seen me in for years and years and years. Stuff that’s more appealing for toy manufacturing, for merchandising and branding, trying to experience all that and just finding a new look that encompasses who Paul Wight is. So it’s a discovery process right now...

“I’m driving the photo guys nuts at AEW because I’m trying to find something I like and then change my mind. So, this is the first time in - geez, I don’t know - I guess back in Dungeon of Doom since I’ve had the chance to really figure out, ‘Well, this is what I’m going to look like, this is how I’m going to perform, this is what I’ll be comfortable performing in.’ So, yeah, we’re still experimenting and still having fun, but I think I’ve got it narrowed down now. We’ve got some good options out there for a different look... hopefully this new look will breathe in a little bit of life, and let everyone know that though it’s the same person on the inside, there’s a lot of new things - there’s a new paint job, so we’re ready to rock & roll.”

Wight says multiple times throughout the interview that he’s close to lacing up the boots again, so we shouldn’t have to wait too long to see this new coat of paint.

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