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This is another CM Punk/AEW post

If it seems like there are a million posts floating around about CM Punk maybe, probably, almost definitely making his return to pro wrestling as a member of the AEW roster this week, that’s because there are. We are contributing to that number, though not to a ridiculous degree (I hope).

I am a blogger, after all, and I must make a living out here in this blazing hot world. Posts about CM Punk, and AEW, and especially posts about CM Punk going to AEW, help that, unquestionably. But I promise I have a legitimate reason for this particular post, which isn’t separated all that much from another post my colleague and dear friend Sean Rueter did because he, too, is a blogger who must make a living out here in this blazing hot world of ours.

In Sean’s case, Punk was making All Elite jokes. In my case, I’m passing along an image Punk posted to his Instagram stories:

I may not be the brightest bulb in the toolshed nor the sharpest tool in the drawer but I think I can decode this message.

The first “Summer of Punk” happened in Ring of Honor in 2005.

The second “Summer of Punk” happened in WWE in 2011.

The third “Summer of Punk” will happen in AEW in 2021.

Or, and I cannot overstate just how much I hope this is not the case, Punk is simply going full Becky Lynch here and we’re being massively trolled.

You cast that line, Punk.

We’re hooked.

Reel us on in.

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