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CM Punk’s got All Elite jokes

Fite’s Twitter

It’s our latest sign that CM Punk will almost certainly make his return to pro wrestling at AEW’s “The First Dance” edition of Rampage this Friday (Aug. 20) at United Center in Chicago!

Along with his commentary partner John Morgan, the man himself engaged in some playful banter about the reports while calling the action at CFFC 99 this past Saturday:

Morgan: Like in the first round, Hoffman is just returning to his wrestling. You know what I’m saying, Punk? Returning to his wrestling.

Punk: Yeah, he’s looking all elite right now.

Never trust a pro wrestler, of course. Punk’s not quite a Becky Lynch-level troll, but he’s not above messing with people’s expectations. As with most of AEW’s non-promotion promotion for “The First Dance”, I doubt Punk would make these jokes if it wasn’t damn near a 100% lock we’ll hear some Living Colour on Friday night.

The buzz about the return is crossing over into other sports, too. NFL Network’s Adam Rank got in on the fun while doing highlights of Sat., Aug. 14’s Chicago/Miami pre-season game. While hyping the debut of Bears’ first round quarterback Justin Fields, Rank said “I think that was the most-anticipated debut in Chicago until Friday when, presumably, CM Punk shows up on AEW.”

CM Punk’s return is actually imminent, isn’t it?