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A thing I loved about Chris Jericho’s commentary on AEW Rampage

Chris Jericho was on the desk to do color commentary for the debut of AEW’s new Friday night show, Rampage, and his performance has drawn some mixed reviews. One point of contention from fans is the fact that he spent the vast majority of the show basically yelling every word.

After, he was getting tweets like this:

What’s funny is I was in the Cageside offices in real time talking about how much I liked that aspect of the presentation.

My man Kyle Decker is right, of course (guy loves The Blade, what can I say). I’m not sure I would love that ALL the time, but it’s perfect for incredibly hot shows like this. It genuinely gives the show a different energy.

Here’s a match from that 1990 Survivor Series show. Piper sounds like he’s going to lose his voice by the end of the night, much like Jericho did on Rampage. And I loved every second of it:

Pro wrestling is a spectacle. It should make you feel alive and want to get involved. Jericho did one hell of a job accomplishing that in a crowded booth.

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