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Jake Hager’s attempt to start something with Gable Steveson goes horribly wrong

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Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson is in demand.

WWE and UFC are interested. The NFL is a possibility. And he still has eligibility left in collegiate wrestling, where he can now actually make some money thanks to athletes getting rights to their own names, images & likenesses (NIL) for licensing purposes.

It’s understandable Jake Hager would step into the very bright spotlight currently shining on Steveson. Unfortunately, calling Gable out on Twitter led to the AEW wrestler & Bellator fighter looking less than stellar.

Given their shared amateur wrestling background, Hager probably thought it would be fun to make a little wager (and tag a few of his employers). But...


I don’t know if Steveson’s actually never heard of the All-American from Oklahoma, if he only knows him by his WWE handle Jack Swagger, or if this was just a Twitter diss.

Whatever it is, I’m liking our new Olympic hero more and more.