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Brian Myers earns Impact world title shot against Kenny Omega

A new #1 contender has emerged for the Impact World Championship. His name is Brian Myers. You might better remember the man as Curt Hawkins in WWE. From the outhouse to the penthouse, Myers earned a world title shot by surviving a battle royal.

The 20-man contest was controlled early by W. Morrissey (fka Big Cass). After Morrissey tossed three wrestlers, the remaining 16 teamed up to eliminate the 7-foot threat.

The nitty-gritty came down to Myers, Ace Austin, Sami Callihan, Moose, and Chris Sabin. Ace and Callihan were dueling on the apron, so Madman Fulton ran down to save Ace with a seat on his shoulders. Smart move but bad result. Callihan decapitated Ace with a clothesline knocking him down to the floor for an elimination. Moose charged at Callihan with a big boot for the next elimination.

Moose and Sabin battled tooth and nail as current rivals. Myers seized the opportunity to dump both men out of the ring, thus winning the battle royal. Myers’ prize is an Impact World Championship bout at Emergence on Friday, August 20.

Kenny Omega is the current Impact kingpin, but he might not be for long. That’s not to say I think Myers could win. No, no, no. Omega has a date before he potentially meets Myers. It was announced last night on AEW Dynamite that Omega would defend the Impact title against Christian Cage in the very first match of AEW’s new Rampage show on Friday night (Aug. 13). Myers will compete against the winner at Emergence, which I would strongly bet is Omega.

Both Omega and Christian provided promos on Impact Wrestling to hype their match on Rampage. Forbidden Door galore!

Omega was joined by Don Callis to point out Impact’s subterfuge and skullduggery on a colossal level to screw the champ. Callis accused Tony Khan and Scott D’Amore of being in cahoots to take their jealousy out on the Invisible Hand. Despite the sudden title defense against Christian, Omega was not worried. He’s made of different stuff as the God of Pro Wrestling. No matter which high-profile names Khan buys with his allowance from daddy, Omega will still be champion.

As for Christian, his history with Impact runs deep. They gave him the chance to main event and wrestle for world titles. It is his duty to return with the Impact World Championship. Christian walked off with noisy shoes. I think he bought them from Cliff Clavin.

To sum up Impact’s world title schedule, Omega versus Christian will be Friday, August 13 on AEW’s Rampage, then Brian Myers versus the winner will be Friday, August 20 on Impact’s Emergence.

Update: Christian pulled the shocker by winning the Impact World Championship from Omega on AEW Rampage. Christian will advance to defend against Myers at Emergence.

For posterity’s sake, the battle royal order of elimination was:

20. Suicide by W. Morrissey
19. Johnny Swinger by W. Morrissey
18. Hernandez by W. Morrissey
17. W. Morrissey by 16 wrestlers
16. Petey Williams by Steve Maclin interference
15. Deaner by Rich Swann
14. Rich Swann by Rhino
13. Rhino by Willie Mack
12. Willie Mack by Ace Austin & Madman Fulton
11. No Way Jose by Madman Fulton
10. Madman Fulton by Fallah Bahh
9. Fallah Bahh by Moose
8. Trey Miguel by Sam Beale
7. Eddie Edwards by Moose
6. Sam Beale by Brian Myers
5. Ace Austin by Sami Callihan
4. Sami Callihan by Moose
3. & 2. Moose & Chris Sabin by Brian Myers
Winner: Brian Myers

What’s your reaction to Brian Myers headlining an Impact special event in a world title fight?