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The AEW locker room is buzzing about the CM Punk and Daniel Bryan rumors

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The rumors about CM Punk and Daniel Bryan both signing with AEW have been running rampant for a few weeks now, and it sounds like the AEW locker room is just as excited as the fans are to see how this situation will play out.

During an interview on Pro Wrestling 4 Life with Sean Waltman, Malakai Black said he doesn’t know if the rumors are true, but there is a buzz in the locker room about the possibilities:

“I genuinely, genuinely do not know if it’s true. I genuinely don’t. I haven’t heard anyone mention it. Obviously, there’s a buzz in the locker room, of course. I think it’d be great. I think it really proves that the times are changed. I think it would be a validation of how different everything is and how...different the business is now.”

“I want everybody to be successful. I want all my friends in WWE to be able to provide for their families. I want all my friends and colleagues in AEW to be able to provide for their families. That’s what I care about. And if someone like CM Punk goes over to AEW, that’s great for business. That’s good for all of us because it gives the fans something to work with....It puts a fresh wind in everyone’s sails....Deep down, I hope it’s true. I think that’d be very, very cool to see and very cool to see how the world of professional wrestling will react to it...Exciting times, you know what I mean? Very, very exciting times.”

Then there’s Lance Archer, who told The Wrestling Inc Daily that he’ll kick both Punk and Bryan’s asses if they do indeed show up in AEW:

“I hear the same rumors you hear. I’m only talent, so I just kind of step in the ring, and if he wants to show up, I’ll gladly kick his butt too. So, that’s kind of how I view any of the rumors...that just makes it fun for the pro wrestling fan, ‘cause you hear those rumors, and you just never know who’s gonna show up where, when and how.”

If [Daniel Bryan] wants to show up, he can show up, and I’ll put him on his ass...I think he’s one of the best in the world...I think he obviously has goals in the wrestling business. And New Japan Pro Wrestling, AEW and a lot of places have a lot of great platforms and formats, so you just never know. He’s an amazing talent. So wherever he goes, it’s gonna be a good show. But if he shows up and tries to fight me, sorry about your bad luck, brother.”

“If [CM Punk] shows up, he shows up, and I’ll kick his ass too.”

Finally there’s Mark Henry, who told the New York Post that adding Punk and Bryan could help AEW stay on the cutting edge:

“I think it would be great for the companies because you have unbelievable talent and two of the more master psychologists that I’ve worked with, guys that you sit down and you think, what’s not being done in pro wrestling? When you have a mindset of, ‘I want to do something everybody else don’t do,’ then automatically you are ahead of the game. You already have everybody. They’re gonna be on edge because once they see something they haven’t seen in years and it was really, really cool and you see someone who is well established and it’s gonna get over.”

Are you counting down the days until The First Dance on Aug. 20, Cagesiders?