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CM Punk (kinda) answers questions about AEW, The First Dance & Darby Allin

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CM Punk definitely has one big project coming up with first season of Heels premiering on STARZ this Sunday (Aug. 15). Punk plays veteran wrestling Ricky Rabies on the drama set in the world of a regional independent promotion.

He’s also widely believed to be making his return to the world of nationally televised wrestling on Fri., Aug. 20 when AEW’s “The First Dance” edition of Rampage comes to United Center in his beloved hometown of Chicago.

Both topics came up a lot in an interview Punk gave to Sunday Night Main Event’s Jason Agnew (embedded above). His answers to the AEW questions don’t give away much, if anything. But that doesn’t stop them from being interesting to us rasslin’ fans.

Asked point blank about ‘The First Dance’, Punk teased something else for fans in Second City next Friday:

“Let me look at my calendar - what did you say it was? The 20th? I think I actually might be doing a screening, this isn’t confirmed yet so I probably shouldn’t blast this out everywhere, but we’re talking about doing a screening of episode three of Heels at an AMC in Chicago, and that’s one of the dates that’s been proposed, so hope to see everybody there.”

Talking about Darby Allin dropping his “Best in the World” catchphrase into a promo about next week’s Rampage got us Punk at his cheekiest, but did get Allin some praise:

“Hey, ‘Best in the World’? That could be anybody. That’s [Daniel] Bryan [Danielson], right? That’s my assumption. I hear ‘Best in the World’ I think Bryan.

“I think Darby Allin’s great. Everybody in the wrestling world needs to never do a dive ever again because you can’t do it better than Darby. You know when I approached my in-ring stuff, you know I could do a moonsault. It sucks, and why would I do one because everybody on the roster could do a better one than me, so it’s just like, why bother? If you watch Darby Allin wrestle, you watch him do one of those dives? He actually looks like he’s trying to murder somebody. So it doesn’t get any better than that. Stop doing dives, everybody.”

He also was honest about his early conversations with Tony Khan back in 2019, but then steered Agnew back to Heels and acting:

“I talked to Tony [when AEW was launching]. My perspective on this, and I said this to Tony, to his face, is that I am a guy who has constantly heard, ‘Hey, I got a money guy. Hey, I have TV.’ I heard that at least once or twice a year for 15-20 years of my wrestling career. I’ve gotten bounced checks from those gentlemen. You watched it happen, especially after ECW folded. It was - everybody was restarting ECW. Everybody was gonna use the ECW guys. There was a dude named John Collins who did time in prison for bouncing checks. It always seems like somebody is like, ‘We’re going to start up and we’re gonna compete with Vince.’ I always thought that came from a bad spot. Because if you want to start a pro wrestling company, I think you should always just focus on yourself. So I more or less took like a wait-and-see approach.

“I wasn’t nor I am not interested in pro wrestling in that respect. We’re here, we’re talking about Heels, it just so happens, it could be bad luck of mine that this next role I got is set in the world of pro wrestling, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I’m focused on being an actor, and just like I was being a wrestler focused on being the best I could be, now I’m focused on being the best actor I can be.”

Despite the almost-denial there at the end, I don’t think this is going to throw anyone off the scent. It’s still fun, though!